Braces on, Braces off… Crooked Teeth, Beautiful Smile!



For most teens that is the way it goes.  Getting braces off is a normal part of adolescent transition.  That is unless you need major jaw surgery and you’re missing 6 teeth requiring implants.  That was Mallory’s path but lucky for us Dr. Moody was part of a team that understood the road to a beautiful smile is as important as the end product.  Dr. Moody listened to what Mallory said and what she didn’t say.  Over the year and half process she gave her confidence every step of the way.  The result- a smile that shows on the outside what is coming from the inside.  What does Mallory think of her dentist?  She says Dr. Moody is her own personal “tooth fairy!”


Happy, Healthy Smiles Lead to a Bright Future

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What is more wonderful than the reflection of an amazing mother and her incredible daughter? This May, Stonebriar Smile Design honors a wonderful example; Amy Harris and her daughter Morgan. We have watched Amy instill over the years a passion for life, work, family and love. The reflection that blossoms is a confident, passionate and lovely young woman. It is so much fun to witness and contribute to this natural and beautiful process through enhancing smiles. In honor of Mother’s Day, we encourage you or someone you love to move forward in creating a bright future with a beautiful and confident smile.

Smile & Spring Into Health


Spring time generates a feeling of rebirth and a fresh start.

Why not focus on your health this Spring with the same sort of attitude. No matter if last year was your worst medical year or your best… you can now lay out a new strategic plan for optimizing your oral health and over-all wellness. Take 5 minutes to write down the answers to these questions.

  • Are there any improvements I would like to make in my overall health needs this year?
  • Are there any improvements I would like to make in my overall appearance this year?
  • Are there any improvements I would like to make in my overall energy level this year?

Call Stonebriar Smile Design TODAY for a complimentary wellness consult or email us a We have solutions, referrals and options that can help you reach your new and improved goals.

Our goal is to keep you smiling from the inside out!

My Dynamic Smile has Increased My Confidence

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I have been seeing Dr. Wade for over 10 years, and she has actually really changed my life. I’ve always had a dynamic personality and I was always a social butterfly. I always had a smile on my face, the problem was… I didn’t have a pretty smile.

I guess what I am trying to say is, before I met Dr. Wade, I was not a pretty man. Then after Dr. Wade I’ve got a dynamic social life. I mean its almost dangerously social.

Since I have been at Stonebriar Smile Design I don’t even think about another dentist. If I am out town, in New York, I will fly back home to have my teeth worked on. Not only is she very personable, but she is really that damn good. Sorry about the language but she really is that good. I always find my way back  to get my teeth worked on. I can call her on the weekend, which she probably won’t want y’all to know this but I will call her on the weekend and say Dr. Wade I have a problem and she will meet me up here on a weekend or on a holiday. She just really cares about her patients.

The atmosphere at the office is wonderful . The ladies are all friendly, pretty, not that it matters but it really does… I don’t know. Just everything about the office is inviting. The whole atmosphere, all the personalities. Every body just seems to get along really good… I mean I just enjoy it. As a matter of fact, in the words of the church lady… “It’s just special… special… special…”

I don’t know what all makes them do the things they do, but they are all just a good team. I definitely have more confidence with my new dynamic smile.

21 Minutes to Healthy

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21 Minutes to Healthy: How the new Vasper machine is using old technology to efficiently improve mental and physical health.

The first thing that comes to mind when seeing the Vasper is Ivan Drago, the Russian nemesis of our favorite southpaw Rocky Balboa in Rocky IV. Despite all the hoses, cuffs, and computers attached to the device at first glance, the machine itself looks like a simple recumbent bike. Nothing could be further from the truth.

In the 1960’s NASA worked diligently to cool off pilots in the Royal Air Force.  This was accomplished by using a simple pump to send cold water through several tubes lining the pilots suits and pressing against their bodies. Now, thanks to Peter Wasowski, the CEO and founder of Vasper Systems, patients are getting  similar results in under 30 minutes as compared to other exercises that take an hour or longer. Mr. Wasowski first became fascinated with vascular compression in the early 1990’s. He also was familiar with cooling technology from his days at CoolSystems,  spinoff of NASA Ames Research center.

Compression cuffs are placed on the upper arm, chest and thigh in an effort to increase the lactic acid production from the muscles. By doing so, the brain is “tricked” into thinking there is muscle damage and therefore, stimulated to release anabolic hormones such as Human Growth Hormone (HGH) and testosterone in an effort to repair. In addition, melatonin , serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine are released adding the benefit of sleep, decreased anxiety, improved mood and alertness and a better overall sense of well-being.

Cooling the body diverts elevated body temperature which can significantly  limit performance during exercise. When your body temperature increases, blood flow shifts towards the skin leaving less oxygen in the muscle. When there is not enough blood to remove lactic acid from the muscles, the body hits a wall and fatigues. Cooling the body during the workout can reduce pain and inflammation on joints and also increases cardiovascular performance.

The workout on Vasper takes 21 minutes, with an additional 10 minutes for a cooling bed. While individuals are encouraged to wait until the 4th session to give feedback, many find that within the first few workouts there is increased energy, focus, better mood and sleep. Our own Relevance Total Health, The U. S. Special Ops Command, NASA, San Jose Sharks and Texas Rangers are a few of the larger entities utilizing this technology and the list continues to grow. The science is sound and the results are overwhelmingly remarkable. For all intents and purposes, the Vasper seems to be the future in rehabilitation, fitness, and recovery.

Join us to get V FIT!

The Mouth is the Window to the Body

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The mouth is the window to the body. This passage resonated within me more in the last year than it had in the last 12 years of my career. You see, I should know better. I am an informed clinician, trained in the Bale-Doneen Method of heart attack, stroke and diabetes prevention and I know how to avoid fatal events. I have been completely captivated in the utilization of genetic testing and inflammatory markers to access the risk of an individual patient and customize care. I also know that there is an oral-systemic link to cardiovascular disease and total body inflammation. Unfortunately, this past year, I was quickly reminded how much of a link there truly is between your oral health and your cardiovascular system. With February being dedicated towards heart health awareness, I would like to share a little of my  story to show you how quickly things can go from perfectly normal to being at risk for a cardiovascular event.

I have attempted to practice what I preach for several years now. I didn’t want to be a 50 pound over weight couch potato telling  other people to be active. I have taken a nutritional supplement and cleansing product called Isagenix for a few years now and also worked out at Tier One doing Cross-fit and jiu-jitsu, that is, until just over a year ago.

I have always been open-minded with patients that have come in and struggled with weight, diet, or exercise issues. I have heard countless stories of how this injury or that injury has slowed down progress at the gym or caused mobility to take a hit thus allowing for major weight fluctuations. Some stories were believable. Others, well, let’s just say that after 10 years some people never made it back to working out. However my 2013-14 year left me with some injuries that have made it difficult to recover. I literally became the patient with the same complaints. I gained weight, had a change in mood and felt the physical symptoms so many complain about:  Fatigue, joint pain, headaches, sluggishness, back pain to name a few. Needless to say, I was grateful to work through them and have been back into the grove of working out. That is with one exception.

My right sinus area over my cheekbone was sensitive. It didn’t hurt, it just ached.  I ignored it and chalked it up to sinus issues and allergies I mean, this is Texas. However, while physically I was improving, the state of my internal well-being had declined significantly. Already “blessed” with a significant history of heart disease, diabetes, lupus and high cholesterol in my family (thanks mom and dad), the last thing I needed was new onset of these issues in my chart.  Unfortunately, my worst nightmare came true this last summer when I had my advanced screening.

At Relevance Total Health, we go above the standard of care and practice optimal care in an effort to get to the root of disease. This does not only include medical evaluation but an in depth dental screening and evaluation.  Arterial wellness is absolutely instrumental in maintaining your body systems and keeping them healthy. Your arterial system is the most important organ system as it supplies all your other tissues and organs with the vital nutrients and oxygen you need to live.  We test the stability of your arterial wellness by using genetics, diagnostic tests, like carotid ultrasound, and inflammatory markers to tell us if you are truly at risk or not, we call it our “hot” or “not” program for initial screening.  Most of my testing was fine with the exception of a few inflammatory markers.  My blood pressure was normal. My sugar was normal. Weight was improving. If the mouth is truly the “window” could this be something oral? Could that pain in my jaw/cheek actually be from an issue in the mouth, teeth or gums?

After long discussion and thorough evaluation with Dr. Jill Wade and her team at Stonebriar Smile Design, we found out that my oral health wasn’t up to par.  I was questioned about my jiu-jitsu and trauma to my mouth. We discussed a time when I was defending a rear naked choke that caused a significant amount of pain in my mouth due to the pressure applied to my cheek/jaw rather than the carotid artery, which is typically restricted of blood flow. I remember being sore and thinking I was elbowed. Dr. Wade utilized  custom tests to rule out two possible causes of burden to my overall health: oral DNA to rule out periodontal disease and 3-D cone beam x-ray to rule out dental infection or fracture of a tooth.

The results were shocking. Not only did I have 2 or 3 of the most common bacteria found in the deadly plaques that cause heart attack and stroke, I also had a fracture through my tooth to the maxillary bone.  I had been x-rayed a few months prior and told that everything looked “OK”. Unfortunately the “standard” x-ray doesn’t always see everything. The 3-D cone beam uses digital technology to get a comprehensive view and produce images like a cat scan. Part of my inflammatory issues, were in my mouth! I was promptly referred to an oral surgeon, had my tooth removed, and implant placed. I have had NO cheek pain, and my markers are improving.

In my vanity, I was nervous about missing a tooth for a few weeks. Well, let me tell you, I’m grateful to be a LIVING jack-o-lantern (I get my implant crown next week) rather than being DEAD with a mouth full of teeth. My momma still thinks I’m handsome.

95 Ways to Healthier 2016

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Here are some of our tips and possible resolution ideas that could help you on your journey to a healthier 2016!!

  1. Acknowledge your Stress!! Find an outlet and de-stress. (Ex: yoga, running, boxing, dancing, walking, swimming, painting. You get the picture).
  2. Smile! Even a fake smile can lower your heart rate.
  3. Avoid the 3 F’s- fast, fatty, fried
  4. Hydrate. Your body doesn’t know the difference between hunger and thirst. So drink before you eat snacks/junk.
  5. Serve yourself before you sit down. Stop family style eating to avoid second and third helpings.
  6. Use a coffee break for a 10 minute power walk. In place…if you can’t leave the building.
  7. Eat at the table: avoid eating standing, in the car, in front of the TV, etc. By sitting at the table you’ll help your brain recognize that you’ve eaten and create consistency in metabolism.
  8. Sit on a ball instead of a chair… Staying in constant motion to stay balanced will burn calories and work on strengthening your core.
  9. Eat breakfast. Period. It stimulates your metabolism and prevents you from crashing or over consuming later.
  10. Go get free screenings. Many hospitals or clinics or city’s have health fairs that give you basic numbers like your sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol.
  11. Read more. Your brain needs to be exercised as well as your muscles to create new synapses. Put 15 minutes aside to read. (this also helps with # 1)
  12. Team up. Find a friend or group to have an exercise challenge where you compete against yourself (cross-fit mentality) reward yourself after 2 weeks , 6weeks, 3 months and every quarter after…
  13. Pack a first aid kit with the most common items.
  14. Motion sickness, headaches, bug bites, have the proper spray, bandages, creams etc.
  15. Take vitamins that are encapsulated…they get dissolved into the gut easier.
  16. Pack your lunch with food you make. It is less tempting to grab something at the fast food around the corner.
  17. Clean your desk and common areas in your office or work zone by wiping things down at the start and end of the day – Makes it less likely for you to get sick from bacteria and viruses on surfaces.
  18. Get better sleep with a sleep ritual. Turn off the TV, read a book, meditate. Improve your sleep hygiene.
  19. Don’t drink alcohol before bed-it will affect your quality of sleep and can cause insomnia.
  20. Laugh often!!! Laughter can lower your risk for a heart attack
  21. Buy house plants-they filter and cleanse the air… improving allergies and oxygenation.
  22. Share meals- Often, splitting an entre will get you closer to the actual portion sizes recommended. Increase your water intake and vegetable portions to avoid being hungry.
  23. Do 25 jumping jacks! Stopping to do these through the day especially in the morning, before lunch, and during stressful times releases endorphins and changes your mood. It can also stimulate your metabolism.
  24. Turn your phone off! Especially at night. It will help let you fall into a deep sleep. During the day, it cuts down on anxiety via constantly needing to check.
  25. Get your vaccines! Whether it is the flu shot, pneumonia, tetanus or various others. Prevent communicable disease.
  26. Go commando occasionally at night! It reduces the number of bacteria by allowing the external genitalia to dry.
  27. Keep a list in your wallet, purse, or phone of your allergies, medications, contact numbers and chronic illnesses if possible.
  28. Turn down the volume- keep headphones to 60 percent and no more than 60 minutes per day to avoid long term hearing loss.
  29. Be like Popeye-Spinach can improve your eyesight as well as your muscles.
  30. Exercise your toes-it reduces heel pain and helps circulation to your feet.
  31. Plank! It helps burn calories and allows time for meditation. 5-10 minutes is suffice.
  32. Chew gum with xylitol-it helps prevent cavities.
  33. Know your family history! Easiest way to predict the future is to learn from your past.
  34. Add raspberries to your diet. It helps stabilize your blood sugar and can help prevent diabetes.
  35. Don’t drink all your calories-reduce your alcohol intake by increasing water consumption while drinking. Have water in between drinks. Also reduces your risk for hangover.
  36. Don’t supersize anything. Ever!
  37. Cut tobacco use and tobacco products! Apart from reducing cancer risks, it can improve fertility, circulation, bone density and mood.
  38. Add cinnamon to your diet…it reduces insulin spikes and can cut your appetite.
  39. Increase your fiber-supplement if you must. It reduces your risk for heart attack/stroke by decreasing triglycerides, raising HDL, lowering LDL and keeping your bowel movements regular.
  40. Walk. Everywhere. Anywhere. Anytime you can. Still the best exercise. 30 minutes daily.
  41. Dustercise is dusting and doing housework at least 20-30 minutes 2-3 x a week gets your endorphins up, reduces dust mites and the risk of depression. (also counts towards your exercise goal).
  42. Body brush-take an extra 5 minutes to brush your body with a body brush. It reduces toxins by improving circulation and lymphatic drainage.
  43. Lift weights! Light or heavy, weight lifting helps not only burn calories, it helps with oxygenation to the muscles, circulation, releasing endorphins and can help women (and men) reduce risk of osteoporosis or bone density.
  44. Double your tomato sauce (if you are able to do so). Lycopene prevents cholesterol buildup on the arterial wall.
  45. Be a (dark) chocoholic- The flavonoids keep your blood thin and can reduce stroke and heart attack.
  46. Ground flax seed into your food. It Is a natural source of omega 3 and helps reduce triglycerides, memory loss , heart attack, stroke and possibly Alzheimer’s.
  47. Only 2 cups maximum. More than 2 cups can increase homocysteine levels and damage your heart.
  48. Have more sex! Getting busy may reduce your risk for heart attack by 1/3.
  49. Stop snoring- sleep apnea can increase your risk for stroke, weight gain, depression, and lower testosterone amongst other issues. Talk to your doctor about a sleep study.
  50. Rub!! Regular massages can lower your stress but also levels of inflammation- triggering chemicals in the skin.
  51. Do more crunches. It helps your core but also eliminates the pesky belly fat that contributes to cardiovascular disease and metabolic disease including diabetes. In addition, put your tongue on the roof of your mouth when doing crunches to avoid straining unnecessary muscles.
  52. Cleanse your entire body-whole body cleanses using cellular cleanses help eliminate toxins in the body that can contribute to clogged lymphatic’s, narrowed arteries and fat accumulation.
  53. Take a nap- ZZZZ- Research has shown that a 1 hour nap is almost as beneficial as a full nights sleep.
  54. Eat only when you are hungry!- If you are eating anyway you are either dehydrated, bored, anxious or all the above. Drink water and go for a walk before you graze.
  55. Smell the flowers. Lavender and lemon scent can reduce anxiety and depression.
  56. Sit in the sunlight for 15 minutes a day without sunscreen. Vitamin D keeps bones strong. Sunlight puts you in a good mood.
  57. Shower if you take baths-it is stimulating. Bathe if you take showers-it is soothing.
  58. Ask for a hug and give them as well. They lower blood pressure.
  59. Be perfectly imperfect. You either win or you learn. Never lose. Perfectionists have lower immune systems.
  60. Do it today! Procrastination causes vasoconstriction due to stress. Vasoconstriction decreases blood flow, stresses the heart and increases blood pressure.
  61. Take a B100-complex. B vitamins help with blood flow and the nervous system.
  62. Replace one snack with a fruit or vegetable.
  63. Use a smaller plate. It helps with portion control.
  64. Pack your exercise clothes into a bag and put them in your car the night before. If you go home after work you’ll never make it to the gym.
  65. Don’t go to the gym. Take your dog for a walk. Or your husband. Or yourself. Bad weather?  Go to Wal-mart or to the mall (without your purse or wallet). Make time… not excuses.
  66. Exercise during commercials. Planks, air-squat, push ups, running in place, jumping jacks
  67. Go without meat one day per week.
  68. If you take medications /supplements, put your toothbrush in the bottle for 2 weeks. It will remind you to take them every time you brush your teeth.
  69. Cut out white bread, white rice, white pasta.
  70. Get a physical. Get lab work. Preferably with customized labs for inflammation, genetics, and hormones.
  71. Download a health/diet/exercise app. “Lose it” is a great app to get started.
  72. Avoid the “quick fix” …nothing replaces an appropriate diet, exercise, stress relief and sleep. Avoid weight loss supplements if possible.
  73. Keep your bedroom dark. Light can interfere with production of melatonin.
  74. Listen to slow music at meal times. We subconsciously mimic the beat. Slow music makes us less like to overeat.
  75. Take vitamin E. It reduces risk of esophageal and stomach cancer.
  76. Drink mint tea – Mint contains hesperidin which decreases inflammation and oxidative stress which is important for heart health and reduction of diabetes.
  77. Surround yourself with positive friends, co-workers, thoughts and activities. Studies show that positive thoughts and people increase their life expectancy.
  78. Eat yogurt. Probiotics reduce gum disease and help with maintaining good oral and intestinal flora.
  79. Get your hands dirty- working in the yard or gardening strengthens bones and muscles.
  80. Keep a food diary-people that log their food double their weight loss compared to those that don’t.
  81. Wash after playing with pets-its easy to pick up bacteria from pets.
  82. Get your mammogram, pap smear, colonoscopy, prostate exam, and bone density test.
  83. Work crossword puzzles and brain teasers to reduce senility.
  84. Ditch Soda- a soda a day can add close to 15 lbs a year.
  85. Use soybean, safflower, extra virgin olive oil, sesame, avocado oil…
  86. Plain popcorn is always a great snack.
  87. Make a goal to get off all medication possible, however stay on them until your provider says so.
  88. If you sit at a desk all day, get up on the hour and stretch, go to the bathroom or watercooler for 2-5 minutes.
  89. Chew your food more. Digestion starts in your mouth.
  90. Reduce your plastic exposure.
  91. Eat at home. Typically, a home cooked meal is better than a meal out. And it saves money.
  92. Turn electronics off 30 minutes before bedtime.
  93. Brush your teeth no less than 2 times a day. Reduces the risk of diabetes and heart disease.
  94. Keep learning! Brain neurons live longer when learning is taking place.
  95. Stop the addiction! Our addiction is an insatiable craving for and an inability to be separated from technology. Our ability to constantly access more information may be the very thing that is contributing to our sickness.